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          Image of Dr. Kerri Morgan in her research laboratory

          Advancing Knowledge

          Developing the science to improve rehabilitation practices

          Learn about our research

          Cultivating Leaders

          Educating the next generation of researchers, clinicians and academicians

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          Empowering Lives

          Helping people participate meaningfully in their lives and communities.

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          Engaging Communities

          Impacting people’s lives through community research and collaborations

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          Enriching Student Life

          Providing robust, meaningful and diverse activites to our students

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          Connecting Alumni

          Keeping our alumni engaged with us and their class

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          Our mission is to advance human health by enhancing people’s participation in everyday life activities through evidence-based practice, innovative research, and the education of tomorrow’s leaders in occupational therapy and rehabilitation.

          Degree Programs
          Student-run Stroke Clinic 
          100%pass rate on NBCOT certification exam since 2016
          500+fieldwork sites nationwide
          95%faculty with a doctoral degree
          30States represented by our students
          2,847number of graduates since 1918


          These assessment tools were developed by our faculty and colleagues, and some are available to occupational therapy professionals and students to use free of charge.

          Ranked as the Number One OT Program in the Nation

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          We welcome inquiries from prospective students, potential collaborators, community partners, alumni and others who want to connect with us. Please complete the form below to begin the conversation.

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          Schedule a Visit

          Current, future and accepted applicants are encouraged to visit. We also welcome people who are exploring career options and considering occupational therapy. Dr. Kathy Kniepmann, one of our faculty members, opens our visit sessions with an informal presentation and discussion, followed by a tour that’s led by one of our current occupational therapy students.

          Upcoming visit sessions*:

          *At least two to three visit sessions are scheduled every month. All times are Central Standard Time (CST). Click here for more info.

          Schedule a VisitDirections


          Call Dr. Kniepmann at (314) 286-1610
          or Robin Hattori at (314) 286-1653